Coach CJ Appenzeller

NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer
IYCA – High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Certified Physical Preparation Specialist
Underground Strength Coach Level 2 Certified

The story of CJ Appenzeller is the story of the underdog. CJ began his journey in strength looking to achieve the upper hand in his sport (baseball). In high school as a freshman he was told he’d never make the team that too many good ballplayers tried out, and to make the team he was too small, too weak, and too un-skilled. CJ found strength training through his uncle Chas – a bodybuilder who did things the right way - BIG on BASICS from the first time he ever deadlifted in his parents basement his life was permanently changed. CJ went on to play college baseball at the Junior College and division 3 level and after an injury ended his career in baseball CJ knew he could no longer delay his true passion and calling – Helping others find the physical and mental strength inside of them and helping the underdog in sport and the underdog in life realize their potential for greatness. Appenzeller Training Systems was originally founded in a 180 square foot storage closet in 2011 and has grown into our current day 2500 square foot facility in West Berlin, NJ. CJ specializes in blending physical training with transforming mindsets and helping individuals create success through small consistent positive changes.

Coach Chris Ragos

NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer Underground Strength Coach Certified Chris Ragos truly is the people’s coach. Chris’s passion for strength and conditioning began on the baseball field as a high school baseball player at Winslow (NJ) High School where he first began to realize that if he wanted to have the upper edge on the field he would need to do something more than his teammates – and that’s when he stumbled into the weight room for the first time. After high school Chris went on to play college baseball at Kean University where he was an all around team leader and truly discovered his passion for helping other become strong in body and mind. When an injury left Chris sidelined from the game he loved his freshman year he found CJ and ATS and connected immediately becoming an athlete in the ATS program. When Chris was still an athlete here -- At the conclusion of his College baseball career Chris decided to go ALL-IN and pursue his passion of helping others become strong just the way CJ had taken him under his wing he vowed to impact as many people as possible and teach them that being STRONG could help them in all aspects of sports and life. Since becoming a member of the ATS team Chris has helped many athletes, men, and women reach their goals in the gym and outside of our four walls as well.
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