The HS season is upon us, college ball is already rolling, and middle school ball will start right after that. You’re in the FINAL STAGES of being prepped and ready, this year is going to be a big one. BUT, I have to warn you about an epidemic plaguing ballplayers coast to coast:

The In-Season Flu.

The in-season flu is when ballplayers let their strength training go. And I mean LET IT GO, as in they don’t do anything or they think just going to the HS weight room and pumping some curls will be good enough!

This is a HUGE mistake. You’ll be missing out on all the benefits of:

Keeping your arm safe and healthy

Peaking your performance for your most powerful and explosive showings to be later in the season when the competition is dying out

Holding onto the power and strength gains you worked your ASS off for this off-season

Holding on to that new muscle mass you packed on in the offseason



I made this video last year but it stands true today, check it out:

As for HOW MUCH you should be training and WHAT you should be doing (schedule wise and exercise selection wise) stay tuned the rest of February I’ll be spilling the beans on what makes GREAT in-season training WORK, HOW MUCH, and WHEN you should be training in-season.

Dedicated to YOUR Success
The Blue Collar Strength Coach
CJ Appenzeller