It’s CRAZY what you see out on the fields, in the gyms, in the bullpens, and in the batting cages during the summer months for “arm care” I mean, holy smokes.

This summer I’ve seen it all from ballplayers throwing shotputs and footballs to max effort external rotations. Here’s the trick when it comes to arm care, it’s a LOT simpler then the “guru’s” will lead you to believe, BUT it’s not so EASY to do and program correctly.

Here’s your two forever rules for arm care:
1. The Scap Delivers the Arm (So work on delivering the arm)
2. Build the BRAKES (External Rotators and muscles of the upper back)

These two rules FEED THE WOLF.

Grabbed a quick video of Millville Mike college ballplayer and demo extraordinaire hitting a set of an arm care circuit at the end of his workout the other day. You can steal it!

1A. Half Kneeling Reverse Throws 2 x 12
1B. TRX Y’S 2 x 12
1C. *NOT VIDEO’D* Half Kneeling Cable External Rotations 2 x 12