Success Story Friday – Ant’s Story

Success Story Friday is AWESOME, WHY you ask? Because I already believe and know all of our members here at ATS are awesome, kick a ton of ass, and get awesome results but success story Friday gives YOU a little look into their journey and what they feel. Hope you love Ant’s Story! Yours Truly, […]

ATS Approved Recipe – BIG THREE BBQ

We know it’s BBQ season! So we figured we’d share the big three quick, easy, and healthy BBQ essentials to make your BBQ a smash hit that doesn’t destroy all of your GAINS. Check out our BBQ Big Three Below: Caprese mini kabob ? 1. Cut fresh basil in half or quarters 2. Add fresh […]

Training Tip Tuesday – What’s this DE-LOAD Noise!?

Deload 101 IF you’ve trained at ATS for any period of time, you know that about every fourth week we back the training down a touch for what we call a DELOAD week. But that might leave you wondering, what the hell is a deload and what’s important about that? So here’s the scoop: A […]

Baseball Strength Training Tip: Arm Care That Works

It’s CRAZY what you see out on the fields, in the gyms, in the bullpens, and in the batting cages during the summer months for “arm care” I mean, holy smokes. This summer I’ve seen it all from ballplayers throwing shotputs and footballs to max effort external rotations. Here’s the trick when it comes to […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Do The BASICS Savagely Well

Yo #Ateam! Today we’re talking about what the ABSOLUTE BEST in the world do better than anyone else: THE BASICS. This week re-dedicate yourself to being the BEST at the basics in YOUR CRAFT and see just how far mastering them will take you! Yours Truly, The Blue Collar Strength Coach

Blue Collar Mindset Monday- The Mindset You Need For the Call UP

We’ve all had that feeling. The feeling when we get the big call up: the call up to varsity, the call to sit in on the big meeting, the call to squat in the rack with a big dog. What kicks in? IMPOSTER SYNDROME Do I belong on the field? Do I belong in this […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday

Blue Collar Mindset Monday Brick by Brick Everyone is looking for the overnight success, the secret potion, and the magic pill. Truth of the matter is real Success doesn’t happen like that. It happens STEP BY STEP and BRICK BY BRICK. The only way to build yourself into the greatest version of you is with […]

Strong for a Cause is ONE WEEK AWAY!!

We are ONE WEEK AWAY! Strong For a Cause is Upon us. I know you already have it marked down in your calendar BUT here’s some bonus tips to have an awesome day. If you’re competing: Drink a lot of water on Saturday (this might be one night where skipping the bar is ideal) Bring […]

Strong for a Cause is 2 weeks away! (Event Details Here)

The annual STRONG FOR A CAUSE is now TWO WEEKS OUT! I Hope you’re as pumped as I am to come out and BE STRONG for Brycen and the CTF to help stomp out NF1. This could be something that you’ll never forget. The day you let go of your fear and took on a […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – What do I drink while I train???

CJ coming in hot with another edition of Nutrition Tip Wednesday and today I want to go over a pretty important question I hear quiet frequently at Appenzeller Training Systems both from our athletes and adults alike: WHAT SHOULD I DRINK DURING TRAINING!? Or IS PLAIN WATER ENOUGH!? Well here’s the “skinny,” pun intended, this […]