Success Story Friday – Lisa’s Transition

Meet our friend Lisa K… Before starting her training at ATS Lisa was always active, but ATS was just what she needed to take it to the next level! Super proud of Lisa, how much stronger she’s gotten and everything she’s accomplished. Great job Lisa! Can’t wait to see just how far you go! Dedicated […]

Success Story Friday – Elite Baseball

Meet our friend B-Rob… B-Rob, went from a guy who may or not make a varsity high school team to a shoe-IN for varsity and a serious THREAT to opposing teams on the mound. Great job B, this is only the beginning, FIRED UP to see just how far you’ll go and how much success […]

Success Story Friday – Chris’ Amazing Transformation

Meet our friend Chris P… Chris says it best: “it’s easy if you stay committed and just do what you’re told” Outstanding job Chris, we can’t wait to see what type of results you can achieve going forward! The Blue Collar Strength Coach CJ Appenzeller P.S. – If you or someone you know is looking […]

Tryout Tales from the Blue Collar Strength Coach – Baseball Strength 101

Today’s the day for many of you. The start of the HS season is here. Tryouts begin today. I remember my freshman year of high school and the day of tryouts, I couldn’t focus on anything throughout the day in school and when the bell rang from 8th period I could hardly move I was […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – Digest for Gains

Hi SO, you want to burn more fat? Build more muscle? Perform at a higher level? Be more effective at work? All of these can come as a result to doing a few SIMPLE things to improve your digestion on a daily basis. You’ll never guess which dead horse I have to beat as a […]

Baseball Strength 101 – Don’t make this mistake after March 3rd

Hi The HS season is upon us, college ball is already rolling, and middle school ball will start right after that. You’re in the FINAL STAGES of being prepped and ready, this year is going to be a big one. BUT, I have to warn you about an epidemic plaguing ballplayers coast to coast: The […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – Don’t make THIS big mistake when meal prepping

Hi Preparing for success is KEY when it comes to your diet and nutrition. In the perfect world, we’d have every single thing we’re going to eat portioned out, pre-prepared, and with us at all times and we’d do this every single day. If you’re doing this then that is PHENOMENAL, great job and I […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Don’t Talk ABOUT IT

This week Blue Collar Mindset Monday is SIMPLE, but not EASY! Don’t talk about things that you’ll never do. That’s for COWARDS and that AIN’T YOU! Show up, do the work, and get the results. It’s that simple, the only problem is everyone is talking about the idea of it, instead of following through with […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Lessons from the GOAT

Last night just about everyone on planet earth saw something amazing. The biggest deficit in Super Bowl history overcome for the first ever overtime Super Bowl and the 5th Super Bowl win for Tom Brady. Here’s what I picked up and this week’s Blue Collar Mindset Monday from the GOAT himself: Being an UNDERDOG is […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – It’s Not About the Food

CJ Here dropping you guys a quick nutrition tip Wednesday and here’s the deal…ALL “diets” work but NO “DIET” works. Confusing right? A bunch of different approaches to losing weight, getting leaner, more toned, and the body you want can work but not if you’re “on a diet.” In order to create true TRANSFORMATION, you […]