When I first decided that I wanted to be a strength coach, for whatever reason I knew I had to get in front of and learn from the best in the business. I traveled the country on money I didn’t have, often times sleeping in my car (hotel are expensive baby!!) and attending every seminar and certification course I could.

I wasn’t interested in what was close by, cheapest, or coming to town in the next week or so. I was interested in what was going to make me a better coach!

I remember specifically sleeping in my car after driving through the night to South Carolina to attend a one-day seminar called “Summer Strong,” when we got to South Carolina it was still close to 90 degrees at 5 in the morning. The seminar registration started at 8AM so I slept in my car for three hours while I waited, I remember getting woken up by the presenters arriving, HA! I jumped up soaked in sweat, ran inside the gym where the seminar was being held washed my face and hands, changed my shirt, and drank a MUSCLE MILK and was ready to rock and roll.

Nowadays doing what is necessary is the exception NOT the rule. Are you stuck in the TRAP of doing what is right in front of you instead of doing what is the BEST for you?

Check out this week’s Blue Collar Mindset Monday to make sure you don’t fall into this trap

Dedicated to YOUR Success
The Blue Collar Strength Coach
CJ Appenzeller

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