CJ here with your weekly DOSE of the Blue Collar Mindset!

Hope you’re already crushing your week and off to a strong start this Monday AM!

I spoke last night to a small group of elite level ballplayers after they finished up throwing and training, I can still see their faces in my mind. I had to tell them the raw truth and they maybe weren’t going to like it….but there I stood, with little to no voice left after a week of coaching and motivating delivering a message about hard work, surrounding yourself with the right people, and doing the little things savagely well. It gave me CHILLS! Not the message that I was delivering, BUT the way they responded to this RAW truth – they soaked it up like sponges. I am now both EXCITED and WORRIED (for their opponents) to see what these guys do this year on the ballfields and more importantly IN THEIR LIVES.

I have a similar message for all of you today, there are THREE types of people in this world and I hope you can evolve into the person YOU NEED to be to make your DREAMS a reality.

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