ATS Approved Recipe – BIG THREE BBQ

We know it’s BBQ season! So we figured we’d share the big three quick, easy, and healthy BBQ essentials to make your BBQ a smash hit that doesn’t destroy all of your GAINS. Check out our BBQ Big Three Below: Caprese mini kabob ? 1. Cut fresh basil in half or quarters 2. Add fresh […]

Strong for a Cause is ONE WEEK AWAY!!

We are ONE WEEK AWAY! Strong For a Cause is Upon us. I know you already have it marked down in your calendar BUT here’s some bonus tips to have an awesome day. If you’re competing: Drink a lot of water on Saturday (this might be one night where skipping the bar is ideal) Bring […]

Strong for a Cause is 2 weeks away! (Event Details Here)

The annual STRONG FOR A CAUSE is now TWO WEEKS OUT! I Hope you’re as pumped as I am to come out and BE STRONG for Brycen and the CTF to help stomp out NF1. This could be something that you’ll never forget. The day you let go of your fear and took on a […]

May Member and Athlete of the Month – Big Reveal!

#Ateam Member and Athlete of the MONTH!!!! Special Congratulations are in order for our MAY MEMBER OF THE MONTH: Doug “DOUG-EE FRESH” CRYSLER! Doug has had a great month of May here at ATS, has been dedicated to his training, and has been living the Blue Collar Mindset – REALLY PROUD of Doug and all […]

Success Story Friday – Tracy C’s Old Pants

I don’t have the words to describe how AMAZING Tracy is. She’s ELECTRIC to be around and we are extremely lucky to have her as a part of our #Ateam family. I’m even luckier to call her a great friend. All that being said, she’s ALSO made an amazing transformation in her time here at […]

Success Story Friday – Elite Baseball – MILLVILLE MIKE

DEDICATION is a trait that is hard to find in today’s high school athlete. Everyone TALKS about how they want greatness, but very few and far between throw on their HARD HAT day in and day out and WORK for what they want. Mike is one of the guys who does just that. He’s completely […]

Success Story Friday – STRONGMOM Chris

Meet our friend Chris… …before getting started with ATS Chris thought she would get hurt or that lifting weights and strength training was bad for women. The RESULTS speak for themselves though! In her own words ATS is “one big family!” and that made all the difference to make Chris feel comfortable and at home! […]

Success Story Friday – How Frank became known as “THE TANK”

Meet our friend Frank “THE TANK”….. When Frank first came to ATS we had some big shifts to make, in his training (he hadn’t done any in a long time), his nutrition, and his sleep and recovery. Super proud of all the progress Frank’s made up until this point and I’m sure he’s going to […]

Success Story Friday – Elite Baseball – The MAC Man

When the MAC MAN first came to ATS he was a singles hitter who wanted to pack on muscle, power, and STRENGTH. He’s done just that all while getting faster and more explosive. Super proud of all his progress… meet our friend MAC…. This is just the beginning for MAC, what are YOU or YOUR […]

Success Story Friday – Chip’s HUGE MOVES

Meet our friend Chip… I remember the first time Chip walked in the door – we had a lot of work to do. But I can honestly say I haven’t seen many men transform in mind, BODY, and SPIRIT the way Chip has. Very proud of this guy. Can’t wait to see just how far […]