Baseball Strength Training Tip: Arm Care That Works

It’s CRAZY what you see out on the fields, in the gyms, in the bullpens, and in the batting cages during the summer months for “arm care” I mean, holy smokes. This summer I’ve seen it all from ballplayers throwing shotputs and footballs to max effort external rotations. Here’s the trick when it comes to […]

Success Story Friday – Elite Baseball – MILLVILLE MIKE

DEDICATION is a trait that is hard to find in today’s high school athlete. Everyone TALKS about how they want greatness, but very few and far between throw on their HARD HAT day in and day out and WORK for what they want. Mike is one of the guys who does just that. He’s completely […]

Success Story Friday – Elite Baseball – The MAC Man

When the MAC MAN first came to ATS he was a singles hitter who wanted to pack on muscle, power, and STRENGTH. He’s done just that all while getting faster and more explosive. Super proud of all his progress… meet our friend MAC…. This is just the beginning for MAC, what are YOU or YOUR […]

Success Story Friday – Elite Baseball Development – Schooley’s Power Overhaul

Meet our friend Schooley… Schooley literally over-hauled his hitting power, and even jumped up to 88MPH ball exit velocity.

Success Story Friday – Schooley’s Power Overhaul

Meet our friend Schooley… Schooley literally over-hauled his hitting power, and even jumped to 88 MPH ball exit velocity!

Success Story Friday – Elite Baseball

Meet our friend B-Rob… B-Rob, went from a guy who may or not make a varsity high school team to a shoe-IN for varsity and a serious THREAT to opposing teams on the mound. Great job B, this is only the beginning, FIRED UP to see just how far you’ll go and how much success […]

Tryout Tales from the Blue Collar Strength Coach – Baseball Strength 101

Today’s the day for many of you. The start of the HS season is here. Tryouts begin today. I remember my freshman year of high school and the day of tryouts, I couldn’t focus on anything throughout the day in school and when the bell rang from 8th period I could hardly move I was […]

Baseball Strength 101 – Don’t make this mistake after March 3rd

Hi The HS season is upon us, college ball is already rolling, and middle school ball will start right after that. You’re in the FINAL STAGES of being prepped and ready, this year is going to be a big one. BUT, I have to warn you about an epidemic plaguing ballplayers coast to coast: The […]

Baseball Strength Thursday

Hi What’s it look like when you take an awesome ballplayer and person…. MIX IN A PHENOMENAL WORK ETHIC…. And sprinkle all of that with the right coaching, training methods, and accountability? Well, it looks like Sam Punzi, a D1 Committed #Ateam athlete, and his HUGE transformation as a ballplayer and person. Check out Sam’s […]

How do I run a faster 60!?

Hi A Question I get ALL THE TIME at ATS is : how can I drop my 60 time!? Well their are some KEY’s to improving your 60 time and getting the looks you want. Watch this week’s Baseball Strength 101 to find out how. Dedicated to YOUR Success The Blue Collar Strength Coach -CJ […]