Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Do The BASICS Savagely Well

Yo #Ateam! Today we’re talking about what the ABSOLUTE BEST in the world do better than anyone else: THE BASICS. This week re-dedicate yourself to being the BEST at the basics in YOUR CRAFT and see just how far mastering them will take you! Yours Truly, The Blue Collar Strength Coach

Blue Collar Mindset Monday- The Mindset You Need For the Call UP

We’ve all had that feeling. The feeling when we get the big call up: the call up to varsity, the call to sit in on the big meeting, the call to squat in the rack with a big dog. What kicks in? IMPOSTER SYNDROME Do I belong on the field? Do I belong in this […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday

Blue Collar Mindset Monday Brick by Brick Everyone is looking for the overnight success, the secret potion, and the magic pill. Truth of the matter is real Success doesn’t happen like that. It happens STEP BY STEP and BRICK BY BRICK. The only way to build yourself into the greatest version of you is with […]

BCMM – Doing the Work (Confession Inside)

What’s up #Ateam CJ here with this week’s Blue Collar Mindset Monday – I have a confession to make right out of the gate: Recently I’ve had SERIOUS “writer’s block” – I haven’t written an article / email / ETC in over a MONTH! This is pretty crazy for me because I usually write every […]

May Member and Athlete of the Month – Big Reveal!

#Ateam Member and Athlete of the MONTH!!!! Special Congratulations are in order for our MAY MEMBER OF THE MONTH: Doug “DOUG-EE FRESH” CRYSLER! Doug has had a great month of May here at ATS, has been dedicated to his training, and has been living the Blue Collar Mindset – REALLY PROUD of Doug and all […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Don’t Talk ABOUT IT

This week Blue Collar Mindset Monday is SIMPLE, but not EASY! Don’t talk about things that you’ll never do. That’s for COWARDS and that AIN’T YOU! Show up, do the work, and get the results. It’s that simple, the only problem is everyone is talking about the idea of it, instead of following through with […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Lessons from the GOAT

Last night just about everyone on planet earth saw something amazing. The biggest deficit in Super Bowl history overcome for the first ever overtime Super Bowl and the 5th Super Bowl win for Tom Brady. Here’s what I picked up and this week’s Blue Collar Mindset Monday from the GOAT himself: Being an UNDERDOG is […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Three Types of People

CJ here with your weekly DOSE of the Blue Collar Mindset! Hope you’re already crushing your week and off to a strong start this Monday AM! I spoke last night to a small group of elite level ballplayers after they finished up throwing and training, I can still see their faces in my mind. I […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Don’t Fall into This TRAP

When I first decided that I wanted to be a strength coach, for whatever reason I knew I had to get in front of and learn from the best in the business. I traveled the country on money I didn’t have, often times sleeping in my car (hotel are expensive baby!!) and attending every seminar […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – The New Guy Concept

THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY! Another week to get after it, to attack the week, attack our goals. Are you still going strong with your New Year’s Resolutions? Are your new year goals and marker still intact? Are you taking a STEP every single day to make sure they become a reality? If yes, this video […]