Blue Collar Mindset

Hi I know, I know it’s Tuesday…BUT this Blue Collar Mindset Monday is SO GOOD and SO TIMELY I couldn’t NOT send it out to you guys. Sometimes the focus HAS to be on making PROGRESS and not being perfect. So here it is. I know a LOT of you probably have made some New […]

WHO is setting the tone for your day?

Hi An important concept I’ve been focusing in on the past couple of weeks is the concept of DRIVING my own energy bus. What does this mean? This means CONTROLLING my emotions and feelings and being the best me at all times. Not letting outside circumstances or surroundings effect what I feel or who I […]


Hi I’m FIRED UP after an AWESOME 5:30AM BOOTCAMP session here at ATS-HQ. The ladies came in a little tired, BUT ready to WORK. That they DID! I love the early morning in general. It makes me feel like I’m getting a jump on the world and I’m getting BETTER while others are sleeping. It […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Chris and the push mower

Hi We’re back in ACTION with another Blue Collar Mindset Monday and I’m excited to bring this one to you guys. This is the story of my good friend who owns a successful business right here in South Jersey. It demonstrates EVERYTHING that is the Blue Collar Mindset. If this doesn’t get you fired up […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – What’s Your Standard?

Blue Collar Mindset Monday By CJ Appenzeller Hi CJ here with your weekly dose of the BLUE COLLAR MINDSET. This week I have an important reminder for you all about the standards we hold ourselves to in all phases of our LIVES. First things first you must review the following question: WHAT standard do you […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – SPARTA

Hi What’s up everybody! CJ here back in action with another Blue Collar Mindset Monday. The most important thing we can do as individual’s to take ourselves to new levels and help us reach new goals is to CHANGE our FRAME OF REFERENCE. When we effectively change our frame of reference we see every challenge […]

Blue Collar Mindset – The Sailor Story

Hi AND we’re back with Blue Collar Mindset Monday. Today I want to share with you one of my favorite stories that an old coach of mine originally told me. I remember the day he told myself and my teammates this story. I had goosebumps on my next when he got to the ending and […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Happy 4th of July!

BLUE COLLAR MINDSET MONDAY 4th of JULY EDITION – ‘MERICA No Better Time to Get Blue Collar Mindset Monday Back up and running then the good old fourth of July. I LOVE AMERICA and I LOVE that we can FLEX our Blue Collar Mindset and create success and achieve whatever we want here! Remember Failure […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Happy Memorial Day!

Hi In popular culture, we’ve made Memorial Day all about BBQ’s and beers. Which is great, or is it? You know Memorial Day is really to remember those brave men and women that lost their lives protecting this great country and OUR FREEDOM. This is something we CANNOT take lightly. You know the best way […]

Blue Collar Mindset Monday – Proximity Principle

Hi BLUE COLLAR MINDSET MONDAY IS HERE! And today I’m answering the question: Why doesn’t so and so listen to me, I know what I’m talking about. -That very well may be the case but the truth of the matter is one of the VALUES of having a COACH is that you can always have […]