Success Story Friday – Ant’s Story

Success Story Friday is AWESOME, WHY you ask? Because I already believe and know all of our members here at ATS are awesome, kick a ton of ass, and get awesome results but success story Friday gives YOU a little look into their journey and what they feel. Hope you love Ant’s Story! Yours Truly, […]

Success Story Friday – How Frank became known as “THE TANK”

Meet our friend Frank “THE TANK”….. When Frank first came to ATS we had some big shifts to make, in his training (he hadn’t done any in a long time), his nutrition, and his sleep and recovery. Super proud of all the progress Frank’s made up until this point and I’m sure he’s going to […]

Success Story Friday – Chip’s HUGE MOVES

Meet our friend Chip… I remember the first time Chip walked in the door – we had a lot of work to do. But I can honestly say I haven’t seen many men transform in mind, BODY, and SPIRIT the way Chip has. Very proud of this guy. Can’t wait to see just how far […]

Success Story Friday – Chris’ Amazing Transformation

Meet our friend Chris P… Chris says it best: “it’s easy if you stay committed and just do what you’re told” Outstanding job Chris, we can’t wait to see what type of results you can achieve going forward! The Blue Collar Strength Coach CJ Appenzeller P.S. – If you or someone you know is looking […]

West Berlin Gym – ONE Small Thing Could Be the KEY Being SUCCESSFUL for SPORT or LIFE

I met last week with a group of educators from the Wilmington Delaware Juvenile corrections department. I spoke for one hour on taking PRIDE in what they do AND staying MOTIVATED to do the HARD WORK. I talked about being the ONE PERCENT and doing the LITTLE THINGS no one else will do. (VIDEO soon […]

NJ Strength – Men TRANSFORM Themselves Training alongside ATHLETES

When ATS first came to life we allowed for NO adults to train in our programs. I believed that men and women no longer had what it took within them to believe in and LIVE the Blue Collar Mindset and become a part of the Ateam. However, over time my views on this shifted and […]