ATS Approved Recipe – BIG THREE BBQ

We know it’s BBQ season! So we figured we’d share the big three quick, easy, and healthy BBQ essentials to make your BBQ a smash hit that doesn’t destroy all of your GAINS. Check out our BBQ Big Three Below: Caprese mini kabob ? 1. Cut fresh basil in half or quarters 2. Add fresh […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – What do I drink while I train???

CJ coming in hot with another edition of Nutrition Tip Wednesday and today I want to go over a pretty important question I hear quiet frequently at Appenzeller Training Systems both from our athletes and adults alike: WHAT SHOULD I DRINK DURING TRAINING!? Or IS PLAIN WATER ENOUGH!? Well here’s the “skinny,” pun intended, this […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – Digest for Gains

Hi SO, you want to burn more fat? Build more muscle? Perform at a higher level? Be more effective at work? All of these can come as a result to doing a few SIMPLE things to improve your digestion on a daily basis. You’ll never guess which dead horse I have to beat as a […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – Don’t make THIS big mistake when meal prepping

Hi Preparing for success is KEY when it comes to your diet and nutrition. In the perfect world, we’d have every single thing we’re going to eat portioned out, pre-prepared, and with us at all times and we’d do this every single day. If you’re doing this then that is PHENOMENAL, great job and I […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – It’s Not About the Food

CJ Here dropping you guys a quick nutrition tip Wednesday and here’s the deal…ALL “diets” work but NO “DIET” works. Confusing right? A bunch of different approaches to losing weight, getting leaner, more toned, and the body you want can work but not if you’re “on a diet.” In order to create true TRANSFORMATION, you […]

How Much of THAT Should I Eat? – Portion Control Guide

Hi One of the most common questions I get when working with our members here at ATS on their nutrition is: HOW do I know HOW MUCH food to eat!? I totally understand how this could be frustrating and a confusing topic, but worry LESS, as I cleared it up in this new nutrition tip […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – POWERFUL Protein PANCAKES

Nutrition Tip Wednesday by: The Blue Collar Strength Coach Hi Ever have trouble finding the time to make a great pre-workout snack / meal? Well – look no further than this week’s Nutrition Tip Wednesday on how to make some BAD-ASS protein pancakes. These things will have you FUELED UP and ready to DOMINATE in […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – Do I really need supplements?

Hi So here’s the deal, people always ask me: Should I take XYZ supplement? What’s the best supplement for fat loss? What’s the best supplement for muscle gain? What’s the best supplement to wake me up? What’s the best supplement to put me to sleep? ETC ETC Well the truth is a lot of supplements […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – POWER BREAKFAST for Fat Loss

Hi You ever wake up in the AM and think to yourself – man is this bagel smothered in cheese and sausage the right choice for my breakfast to BURN FAT, get lean, and get strong? Well, I’m here to tell you that bagel is probably not the right solution. Did you know that in […]

Nutrition Tip Wednesday – How much of that should I eat?

Hi So you got these habit changes you’re all working on…right? Well the next thing I always hear from our members here at ATS is how much of this do I eat or how much of that do I eat. Some may point you in the direct of counting your calories, which will work. However, […]