When ATS first came to life we allowed for NO adults to train in our programs. I believed that men and women no longer had what it took within them to believe in and LIVE the Blue Collar Mindset and become a part of the Ateam. However, over time my views on this shifted and I began to believe otherwise.

Once the first wave of men came in to train I put them up against our top guns, some of our best middle school, high school, and college athletes. Training along side one another, often not doing the same training but under similar philosophies – the ENERGY and INTENSITY of these early “Ex-Athlete + Athlete” training sessions was AMAZING. Athletes and Men pushing EACH OTHER and refusing to quit. Training with an intensity that many of the men told me they hadn’t had in YEARS and feeling energy like they had never felt or hadn’t felt since college or high school sports.

Since then we’ve opened our programs up quiet a bit here at ATS to include, men, women, AND athletes and the results have SKY ROCKETED.


Dedicated to YOUR Success,
-CJ Appenzeller