Preparing for success is KEY when it comes to your diet and nutrition. In the perfect world, we’d have every single thing we’re going to eat portioned out, pre-prepared, and with us at all times and we’d do this every single day.

If you’re doing this then that is PHENOMENAL, great job and I can almost guarantee that it is / will be working for you and you’ll get great results.

However, on the flip side of the coin if you’re doing ZERO percent of this don’t try to go from “0 to a 100 real quick.” What do I mean by that?

I mean most people make the mistake with thinking nutrition is ALL or NOTHING. They go hardcore into a new “diet” and then once they have one beer or eat one meal out the wheels fall off and they throw everything else out.

When trying to create true transformation we want to make one small change at a time and make that a strategic change we’re confident we can follow through with.

I dig deeper into this big mistake in the week’s nutrition tip which is an exert from our recent secrets of fat loss seminar, check it out:

Make one strategic change at a time.

Everyone makes mistakes if you make a mistake get right back on the horse, you’re always ONE DECISION away from the right track.

Dedicated to YOUR Success
The Blue Collar Strength Coach
CJ Appenzeller