CJ Here dropping you guys a quick nutrition tip Wednesday and here’s the deal…ALL “diets” work but NO “DIET” works.

Confusing right?

A bunch of different approaches to losing weight, getting leaner, more toned, and the body you want can work but not if you’re “on a diet.” In order to create true TRANSFORMATION, you have to take small steps (habits) and layer them on top of each other until you BECOME the person you need to be.

A crash diet or fad? Yeah, that’ll work for three weeks until you realize you’re having a tough week at work, eat like crap throughout the weekend and put the 6 pounds you lost right back on!

Here’s how you can be extremely successful:

1. Change ONE small thing at a time
2. BELIEVE in yourself
3. Don’t downplay the “small” change – it’s strategic and you know it’s going to stick and you’ll adhere to it 100% of the time.

Get to work!

The Blue Collar Strength Coach
CJ Appenzeller