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If You’re Like MANY South Jersey Men,

  • You know you should be training but,

  • You don’t know WHAT to do

  • You don’t have the TIME


  • You’re bored of the SAME old thing in the commercial gym.

That’s why we built the Appenzeller Training Systems Men’s Strength program – designed from the GROUND UP to help you achieve levels of strength, lean muscle, and health you never before imagined. If you want to:

  • Lose weight

  • Gain SERIOUS Strength

  • Get Healthier

  • Live more STRESS-FREE

Then this program is FOR YOU! However, don’t take MY word for it, see what our ATeam Men had to say about their experiences here:

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“I’ve owned a gym membership for half my life and NOTHING is Like the FAMILY at ATS!”

I have noticed a lot of changes over the last few months. Everything from gaining muscle definition to losing weight. However, the thing I noticed change the most is my attitude towards everyday life. I used to get angry a lot of times just because things weren’t going my way. Now I’m more relaxed! I have noticed a significant difference in my health. When I started at ATS with my blood pressure @ 160/105 I was just put on blood pressure medication. Now I have been checking it lately and it is down to 106/66!

I have owned a gym membership for half my life and it all starts out great. Then after the 1st week or so I would start making excuses for reasons not to go. No time, I’ll go tomorrow, it’s too cold out, etc. I thought ATS would be the same kind of thing. Boy was I wrong. ATS is more like a bunch of friends getting together and pushing each other farther and farther each time. I found myself being as excited for others to reach their goals as I am to reach my own!

“I’ve Gained Muscle, Lost Weight, And Lowered My Blood Pressure!”

I have a lot of great memories in such a little time at ATS. The BBQ’s, Thanksgiving Gobbler extravaganza, Strong For a Cause, etc. I think my favorite memories are hanging out after the 8 o’clock sessions were over. A group of us would talk and end up listening to some of “Slick” Chris’s stories.  Classics like “I jawed him” & “the suction” have to be some of the funniest stories I have ever heard! I look forward to a lot more great memories to be had in the future. The family at ATS rocks!!!!!

– Dave

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“I wondered if I would be able to do this. Day one came and my fears were abated when CJ made me instantly feel like a brother. When I took that picture on the left I was 304lbs I’m now 266lbs and still dropping.”

I’ve been an athlete all my life and avid powerlifter. But about 15 years ago life got in the way and I gained almost 80lbs. Nevertheless, I kept going through my day to day routine telling myself the same old excuses. I’ll start a new diet tomorrow. Check out that new gym in town TOMORROW.

There were a few futile attempts at weight loss and joining cookie-cutter gyms, but the weight came back and gyms were expensive treadmill rentals. In those “regular gyms” there was no personality, no support, and no feeling of community or family. None of them were for me.

So I ended up over the last 5 years not doing anything at all. Most of all, at 45 a morbid thought went through my head – I only have 25 years until I’m the same age as my father when he died. I remember his health deteriorating and him doing NOTHING. Consequently,  it was the time I decided that wouldn’t be me! Furthermore, I wanted to see my son grow to get married and be there to support him AND even help take care of my grandchildren one day.

Then I got a rude wake-up call!

Right around Christmas time when my no-filter mother-in-law came right out and called me fat at the dinner table. Right then I knew, this HAD to change. No more messing around.

Through friends, Joe, Dave and I found ATS. I was terrified as to what I had become and wondered if I would be able to do this. Then the people in that first session made me feel right at home. They were supportive and cheering me on throughout the whole session. This was the gym for me.

CJ, although half my age, was like a big brother over my shoulder with me the whole way. When I took that picture on the left I was 304lbs I’m now 266lbs and still dropping!

– Chip

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Getting started is EASY! You can do so right now by filling out the form below and letting us know you’re interested. First, we’ll be sitting down for your initial consultation and getting started with our 3 WEEK Trial Membership. In your initial consult, there are NO strings attached and there will be no gimmicks or sales pitching. That is what other places do and we’re NOT them. After the initial consult, you can make the decision to give us a try on our 3-week trial membership for $97. Most of all, we want you to make sure this is a good fit for you! In conclusion of your 3-Week Trial membership – YOU can decide to move forward with us.

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