Strong For a Cause is Upon us.

I know you already have it marked down in your calendar BUT here’s some bonus tips to have an awesome day.

If you’re competing:
Drink a lot of water on Saturday (this might be one night where skipping the bar is ideal)

Bring water, a sodium supplement (my favorite is nuun tablets) and something light to snack on between events with you.

Bring your friends, family, and co-workers with you because EVERYONE can be STRONG for a CAUSE and whether they want to compete or not getting them through the door helps US help Brycen and the Children’s Tumor Foundation Stomp out NF1.

Arrive 15 minutes early as we’ll have to sign everyone in!

If you’re spectating:

Bring the GOOD ENERGY and be ready to yell and holler for the competitors giving it everything they’ve got for an awesome cause!
See you on the 30th at 11:45!!

The Blue Collar Strength Coach
​​​​​​​CJ Appenzeller