Deload 101

IF you’ve trained at ATS for any period of time, you know that about every fourth week we back the training down a touch for what we call a DELOAD week.

But that might leave you wondering, what the hell is a deload and what’s important about that?

So here’s the scoop:

A deload is a pretty easy concept: it’s a purposeful reduction in training load, volume, intensity or mix of several of the aforementioned qualities.

In english, it’s a chance to give the body a little break, work on recovering, mobility, and prepare the body for more intense and complete stimulus to come.

Here at ATS, we take a week to work on our bodyweight training technique, our mobility (flexibility-kinda), and our work capacity (the ability to kick ass over longer periods of time, “cardio”).

It’s important because it keeps us in the GAME for the long term.

Next time you hear deload, remember you’re setting yourself up for SUCCESS in the long run, don’t get frustrated that you don’t get to smash PR’s or throw barbells around just yet.

Yours Truly,
The Blue Collar Strength Coach