I’d like to CONGRATULATE Ben Hoffman in a BIG BIG WAY for very recently signing to D1 Monmouth University.

Ben is EXACTLY the type of player we love to have training here at ATS and the type of player that sets himself up for BIG SUCCESS like this signing day. Ben trains YEAR ROUND and is always consistent. When he’s not doing his strength and power training here with us at the ATS facility he’s working hard on his own honing the craft of being a pitcher as well as working with several pitching coaches in the area. (THIS is what ultra successful ballplayers do, they train with multiple coaches in the given disciplines to IMPROVE as quickly and as much as possible).

Through the in-season Hoff battled in his workouts here at ATS and in practice to earn himself time on the mound, never taking anything for granted as a JUCO sophomore and that type of personification of the BLUE COLLAR MINDSET truly paid off for him in the end.

Check out the quick clip of Hoff doing some training and K’ing some dudes UP this season. Again Congrats Hoff, you EARNED THIS!!!

Dedicated to YOUR Success,
-CJ Appenzeller